Favorite Photo Friday: Christmas photos

We had a family photo taken professionally recently, and it turned out OK. Zoe isn’t smiling, I have a weird half-smile on my face, and Christian’s hair is all pointy in front, but we had to chose this one because it is the only photo in which Noah isn’t SCREAMING (and of course this one photo is great of him). This is the very first picture the photographer took, and then it was all down hill. Noah had a full-on-two-year-old-meltdown – yelling, kicking, sweating, etc. It wasn’t pretty. He was THAT kid on the floor of the photography studio’s waiting room. I’m still trying to teach him to say, “I’m two,” when I ask, “What’s wrong with you?” but he’s not cooperating with me yet.

At least their individual photos turned out well. I love both of these:


3 thoughts on “Favorite Photo Friday: Christmas photos

  1. Great pictures!! You’re much too hard on yourself- you look great, but I can totally relate. I do the same thing. Your family is beautiful, Tracy.

    BTW- thank you for the kind words you left on my blog today!


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