More bad stuff about ADOPPT

I am astounded that I am continuing to learn more bad things about ADOPPT. It just doesn’t seem to stop. Since I spoke out last month, people have e-mailed me privately to share even more heart-wrenching and horrible stories about their experiences with this agency. First, a family told me they spent nine days in Vietnam with a baby in 2002, only to find out that they could not adopt that baby because ADOPPT hadn’t filed their licensing paperwork correctly. The family came home without the child. Second, I was told that a man working for ADOPPT in Vietnam offered to find a prostitute for a married father who had traveled alone. Third, I was told about ADOPPT’s former female facilitator having an affair with a married adoptive father while he was in Vietnam. Inappropriate behavior allegedly happened in front of the children being adopted.

I cannot share the names of the people who confided the above information in me. They are not my personal experiences, so I cannot say with 100% certainty that they are true. I will say that the first and second stories came directly from the families. The last story is third-hand, so I suppose it would be “hearsay.” However, I have no reason to doubt the sources in any of these cases. I apologize if this seems vague, but unfortunately this tends to be the norm in international adoptions. Please don’t equate “vague” with “untrue.” For one reason or another, people are unwilling or unable to speak out publicly about their negative experiences.

If you have questions about any of the above information and don’t want to just take my word for it, do some research on your own. Google the names My Linh Soland and Mai La Trace and see what you can find. I’ve been informed that ADOPPT has worked with both of these women in the past, and each of them has been involved in ethically questionable adoption practices (Soland spent two years in jail for fraud and allegedly also has a record for intimidation of a witness. La Trace was deported from Vietnam after they declared her a “child trafficker for money”). Some APs would say (and have said), “Oh that was all prior to the shut-down. You can’t hold that against them now. That was a long time ago. Things are different NOW.” Well, I don’t believe things are different now, and the fact is that this shows ADOPPT has a consistent pattern of questionable and/or inept behavior over a long period of time.

If, after you do some research, you are still considering ADOPPT, please consider the fact that in the past year, ADOPPT has only had about 20-22 families travel, and 5 of those families were unhappy enough to warn others about the agency on Adoption Agency Research and other adoption forums. This means that 20-25% of the people who completed or attempted to complete adoptions with ADOPPT in the past year are very unhappy. That doesn’t include the other families who were unhappy, but have chosen not to speak out publicly at this time. Those don’t seem like very good odds to me.

If you have considered these numbers and you are STILL considering using this agency, check out some more detailed, verifiable information in my post from November on Why we would not recommend ADOPPT . Or, read about the heartache and worry that working with an ethically questionable agency causes in Corruption in Vietnam adoptions or Christian’s Take.

If, after reading all of that, you are STILL considering using ADOPPT, best of luck to you. I hope you have no reason to e-mail me privately sometime in the future with your story of heartbreak, but I will listen and try to offer support if you do.


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