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Kelli tagged me a few days ago and I am just getting around to responding. Sorry Kelli! We are still sick here. The snotty noses and sore throats seem to be better but still hanging on. My voice is still not back to normal.

So, I’m supposed to post eight random things about myself.

1. I love, love, love being a wife and a mom. I truly think this is what I was meant to do. I was a depressed and angry adolescent, but that was a lifetime ago. I don’t even remember what that’s like anymore. There are hard days with the kids (and the husband), but they are worth it.

2. I work for Catholic nuns at a nonprofit nursing home for the elderly poor. I do fundraising – special events, grant proposals, a mailing campaign, publish the newsletter, etc. (If there’s anyone out there who has some extra cash and cares about the elderly poor, please let me know. We need a $700,000 roof right now). I really like my job, but there are special challenges to working for the Sisters. I have learned to deal with those challenges though, because while most people only have to worry about criminal charges if they go postal at work, I’m pretty sure I would go to hell.

3. I lived in at least 11 different houses/ apartments/ condos before I was 13 years old. They were all very close to each other, so I stayed in the same school district all but one year. When Christian and I bought our house four years ago I told him I was never moving again. (Unless we hit the lottery and can afford swanky new digs and someone to move our stuff for us. However, we don’t ever play the lottery, so I’d say the chances of winning are slim).

4. I am very close to my mom. I’ve noticed as I go back and read my blog that I mention her a lot. I often give her a hard time for wearing her “crazy pants” but I love her very much.

5. I have disgusting sweaty hands, feet, and underarms. It’s really not an attractive quality in a girl. I have always been this way. I hated the pajamas with the plastic feet when I was a kid, and I refuse to put my kids in them now. I take two showers a day, apply deodorant at least three times a day, and I never wear socks, even in the winter. I could not exist without air conditioning. The medical term is hyperhydrosis. There’s a pill for it, which I am trying now (I don’t think it’s working). My next option is Botox injections directly in my hands, feet, and underarms every six months, which I hear is expensive and not very pleasant to have done. There is a surgery where they clip nerves or glands or something to these areas that I would like to have someday.

6. I’ve been to 31 countries. I lived in Okinawa, Japan, for a summer and Weisbaden, Germany, another summer. The summer I was in Germany, I was determined to visit ten countries. I had nine down, so I spent a night in Luxembourg just to add another one to the list. It actually turned out to be a pretty cool place.

7. I love crime documentaries – American Justice, City Confidential, Notorious, etc. It really creeped my college roommate out when I watched a whole Biography series about serial killers. I think if I were just starting college today I would study forensics or criminal psychology.

8. Last, but not least, I’m not really sure what religion I am. I never went to church growing up. I guess I’m Protestant, but I have no idea what denomination. We had Noah and Zoe baptized Catholic because the priest at the home where I work agreed to do it and because Christian was raised as a Catholic. I also just wanted to have them baptized because a guy I went to high school with told me I was going to hell because I was never baptized. I don’t think that’s true, but I figured I wouldn’t take the chance with my kids anyway. Jennifer at Journey to Holly recently posted a link to a spirituality quiz. According to the ultimate wisdom of the 20-question “Belief-O-Matic” I’m a Reform Jew. Huh, who knew?


2 thoughts on “Tagged – 8 things about me

  1. Oh my gosh- I found someone who sweats as much as I do!

    PS- I always thought I was Methodist, but according to the quiz, I am a Liberal Quaker!

  2. Your not going to Hell unless you do go postal.
    When I married Tom and we moved into this house your comment was a tearful “Mom, We are never going to move again.”
    I had to count the places we lived to be certain you were correct. (Close)
    There is hardly anything about you that is random.
    I love that you love your life.

    The Blogger’s Mother

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