Our poor neglected furry children

Since Noah and Zoe came along, our furry children have had to adjust to a lower place in the pecking order. For example, they used to go to the groomer regularly, but had not been in several months. This is fine for Toby since he has short hair, but Ally really needs regular haircuts. She had been looking more sheep dog that Shih Tzu lately:

After going to the groomer yesterday, she looks like this, which I think is quite an improvement:

I must defend myself, however, for neglecting to take the dogs to the groomer by saying that taking them to the groomer is not an enjoyable thing. First, Ally gets car sick, so I have to follow her around in our yard to make sure she poops before letting her in my car. She usually dawdles for about ten minutes. Once in the car, she pants, whines, and shakes while pacing from one end of the van to the other.

When we finally get to the groomer, I have to figure out how to get Ally and Toby out of the car and inside the grooming salon, while carrying Noah, Zoe, my purse, and the diaper bag. Toby and Ally are not used to being on leashes since we have a fenced backyard, so they go opposite directions and wrap the leashes around my legs. And, inevitably, Ally decides to sh*t on the way in. Once she just squatted in the parking lot and took a dump in the middle of traffic. On a different occasion, she decided to squat right next to my foot. I happened to be wearing flip flops, so she got it all over my toes (I had just had a pedicure too, and I messed up my polish when I was trying to wipe the sh*t off my foot, which p*ssed me off even more). Another time I put her in a cart to take her in, and she sh*t in the cart. It oozed through the mesh onto the floor, where I ran over it with the cart. It created a disgusting mess on the floor and in the cart that I had to clean up because I felt too guilty to leave it (and no one offered to help).

So, this is what I did yesterday. I pulled up to Petsmart and let Ally out of the car first. I tried to get her to poop in the little grassy area, but she wouldn’t go. This worried me a little, but I finally gave up. I found a cart and put her in the basket. I got Noah out of the car and put him in the basket with her. I got Zoe out of the car and put her in the seat of the cart. Then I put Toby’s leash on him and led him out of the car. Toby realized where we were and didn’t want to go inside, so he kept trying to hide between my legs. I finally untangled myself and dodged Christmas shopping traffic to get inside the store, pushing the cart with Noah, Zoe, and Ally in it, while dragging Toby’s 70 pounds of dead weight on a leash behind me, and praying that Ally would not poop on Noah. Amazingly, we somehow managed to make it inside unharmed and poop free.

P.S. Here’s a picture of Toby just because I didn’t think it was fair to post a picture of Ally without one of Toby too.


2 thoughts on “Our poor neglected furry children

  1. ADORABLE!!!!!

    We have a mobile groomer in our area. Maybe thats something you should look into until the kids (or at least one) is in school!

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