Snot faucets, chunky boogers, and whispers

I can’t believe it’s been an entire week since I have posted anything, but Noah, Zoe, and I have been sick. I told Christian that since he hasn’t gotten it by now, he’s not allowed to. I’m OVER it (as in tired of it, not as in feeling 100%) and I’m ready for us all to be well.

It started with Noah. He first had a runny nose and then developed nasty, chunky green boogers. He was grumpy, but overall he was OK. Of course he still has the thing about getting his hands dirty, so he would wipe his face and then cry, “HAND,” because there was snot all over it (nevermind that this same snot was smeared all over his face and on the pacifier that he immediately stuck back in his mouth – “Gross” you say? Yes, I am aware).

Then I started not feeling well Sunday afternoon. Monday morning I woke up with no voice. Well, I had a small squeak of a voice. I called my friend on the way home from work Monday and explained in my squeaky voice that I had no idea why I had called her since I couldn’t really talk. Habit, I guess. It is now Thursday evening and I still don’t really have much of a voice but it’s better. Thanks goodness, because “No, no [Insert Noah or Zoe, or sometimes Christian]” just doesn’t pack the same punch when it’s in a whisper.

Tuesday Zoe’s nose turned into a snot faucet. It has been RUN.NING like Forrest Gump. We would wipe her nose and it would immediately run again. It’s still running, but it is definitely better. I was thrilled when I got her up from her nap this afternoon and she didn’t have snot dried all over her face. Her nose is still so red and irritated that she looks like Rudolph readt to guide Santa’s sleigh. On top of that, she’s getting a tooth, so she’s drooling like crazy too. She hasn’t really worn bibs except at mealtimes for a while, but we had to break them back out this week. The front of her shirts have been DISGUSTING.

Hopefully now we are on our way to recovery and snot-free days ahead.


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