The many meanings of "Hi"

“Hi” is Noah’s favorite word, so much so that it was Zoe’s first “real” word. She had been saying ma ma, da da, ba ba, etc. sort of randomly for a long time, but in September she started imitating her big brother and saying “Hi” in the proper context (like when you come in her room to get her up from her nap).

When he’s happy, Noah says, “Hiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee.” When he’s tired or grumpy, it’s just a quiet “Hi.”

We had been trying to teach Noah to whisper. One weekend we were at the lake and I realized after putting the kids to bed that I had forgotten to turn the fan on in Noah’s room. We usually leave fans on in their rooms at home for the white noise, so we really try to do it at the lake since there are usually friends and family in and out of the house and it can get loud. Anyway, I tried to sneak in about a half hour later to turn it on, and Noah’s head popped up above the side of the pack and play like a little gopher. He whispered, “Hi.” I whispered “Hi” back to him, turned on the fan, and quickly left the room. Luckily he laid back down. Now it’s sort of a routine that we whisper “Hi” to each other when I go in his room to get him out of his crib

The other night we stopped at Dairy Queen. I was sharing my Blizzard with Noah and Christian was sharing his with Zoe (Zoe LOVES ice cream and sweets by the way – if only she loved baby food the same way). Noah and I finished ours. He said, “All gone,” and started to go play. Then he realized that Christian still had ice cream. He climbed up on the couch next to Christian and said, “Hi,” with the same inflection a smooth-talking guy would say, “Hey Baby,” to a girl he was trying to pick up in a bar. It seems he’s trying to lay on the charm a little early.


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