Noah is feeling better and Zoe doesn’t seem to be too sick (just a runny nose and cough) so I thought we would try to make our actual Halloween better than our Halloween party.

Today was my day off, so my mom and I took the kids to the zoo in their Colts outfits (Gang Green doesn’t make as much sense without Christian and me dressed up too). It was 65 degrees and it was a beautiful outside, so it was a great day to go. They were especially amazed by the seals who were “barking” and playing.

We got home just as trick-or-treat hours started in our neighborhood. Noah and Zoe really aren’t old enough to understand trick-or-treating yet, so we put a blanket in our front yard and waited for customers. They had a good time playing with the candy. Zoe just wanted to chew on the paper, but Noah liked dumping it out of the bowl and then putting it all back in.

When our first trick-or-treaters came, Noah got a little possessive of the candy. We hadn’t given him any, so he didn’t even know what it tasted like, but somehow he still knew it was valuable. By the end of the night though he was doing a good job of putting it in kids’ bags.

Most of the kids were polite, but we had one little boy who was kind of a jerkweed. He came up saying something about peanuts that I didn’t understand. I said, “You like peanuts?” In response he screamed at me, “No! I said I’m allergic to peanuts!”

I looked through our candy bowl to try to find something without peanuts. I handed him a Crunch bar and said, “How about this?” He threw it back in the bowl and screamed, “That has peanuts in it!” I apologized and offered him a plain Hershey’s chocolate bar. He grabbed it from me and started to walk away, so I yelled, “You’re welcome!” I did at least see that his mom was having a “talk” with him at the end of our driveway.


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