Favorite Photo Friday – Christian’s first haircut

As I mentioned last Friday, I never had a problem getting my hair cut (or permed) when I was little. So far Zoe has been cooperative with haircuts too. She practically slept through her first haircut, and she was fine when Mimi took her to get her bangs trimmed a few weeks ago.

Noah had no problem with his first hair cut or even his Mohawk, but suddenly things have changed. Christian went to Great Clips to get his hair cut the other night, so I thought we would take Noah, too. Bad idea. He had an absolute meltdown! We tried him in the chair by himself, we tried with him on my lap, we tried giving him a sucker, and we tried giving him a toy. We tried holding his head still, and we tried to just let him cry for a while hoping he would settle down. Nothing worked. We left without the haircut. I thought maybe it would be better if we went to Cookie Cutters, where he gets to sit in a car and watch a DVD while he gets his hair cut, so we tried again the next day. He melted down again. It wasn’t quite as bad as the night before though, so we did at least manage to get the job done.

Maybe this meltdown can be attributed to the fact that he’s entering the terrible twos, or maybe he just takes after his father. This is Christian getting his first haircut when he was about two years old:


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