Not a fan of pony rides either

Recently I posted that Noah was not a fan of bubble baths. Last weekend I found out he isn’t a fan of pony rides either.

It may have just been a bad day for a pony ride, and perhaps he will warm up to them later. We went to the local renaissance fair, and the day just didn’t go very well. We went with my cousin Shannon, her son Michael, her sisters Madison and Olivia, and her mother-in-law Betsy. I was hoping to go in the morning, before it got too hot and before Noah and Zoe needed naps, but Betsy was at church with Michael longer than she thought she would be, so we got a late start.

It also happened to be an extremely hot day – a record setting 92 degrees, and the fair was in the middle of a field, without a single tree for shade. After we ate overpriced corndogs and saw a few minutes of a show, I decided to take the kids home since they were exhausted and overheated. We said good-bye to the rest of the group. On the way out, I decided to just “swing by” the pony rides so that I could say we at least did one fun thing at the festival.

Since I was on my own with the two of them, one of the workers said she would walk next to Noah and I could walk next to Zoe. I paid $3 for each of them, and then paid and additional $3 each for a photo.

The lady put Noah on a pony, and he immediately started screaming and trying to climb off. I rushed over to try to calm him down. It wasn’t working, but the lady still decided this was the best time to take the picture:

I thought maybe he would be OK once the ride started going, so I decided I would just walk with him on my right and I would carry Zoe in my left arm. We went around the circle two times and he was still screaming, so I pulled him off. I got them both back in the stroller and Zoe fell asleep before we walked another ten feet, but Noah screamed the rest of the way out of the park.

The lady did at least refund me $6 for Zoe’s ride and picture, but I don’t think Noah’s two screaming laps and the Polaroid posted above were worth the other $6.


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