Matching outfits

I usually pick out the kids clothes for the day the night before. Since we like to sleep as late as possible, I figure every little bit of preparation helps. Last night I picked out a pink shirt for Zoe to wear with her pink and olive colored camo capris (they are adorable and are my favorite right now – I’m really on a camo kick lately with the kids’ clothes and Christian has been making fun of me).

Anyway, Mimi (Christian’s mom) has the kids today, and she showed up at the house this morning in a pink shirt and olive colored capris. I thought it was pretty cute that they were in matching outfits, so I took this picture from the car as they said good-bye to me in the garage.

Apparently it was a pink and olive kind of day. Mimi told me later that my sister-in-law Leah stopped by to see Noah and Zoe and she was wearing a pink shirt and olive capris as well. Maybe there’s a secret Fashion Planning Committee for the girls in our family, and I’m the only one who didn’t get the memo.


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