Catching Up

From Christian:

I have felt really, really bad about not participating in the blog more. I was going to make it a priority, but somehow it always gets put on the back burner for homework and other activities. 99 percent of the times I think about posting, I have been staring at the computer for hours doing homework and I just want to be done. Anyway, enough of the self-inflicted-guilt-trip and on to the fun stuff…

This is going to be WAYYY out of order time-wise since I haven’t written since before we went to Vietnam, I haven’t posted at all this whole year, in fact!!! So much has happened since then, from Noah’s first birthday, to the Vietnam trip, to Zoe’s arrival home, to her baptism, to Tracy and me each losing Grandfathers, to a great summer, to the birth of our new nephew, it’s been an eventful 2007 so far.

One of the things I really wanted to post before we left to pick up Zoe was a picture of our sidewalk and driveway to illustrate the crazy contrast Tracy and I saw between cold and snowy Indiana to crazy hot and humid Hanoi.

This is what our sidewalk looked like right before we left.

It’s hard to see, but there was about 17 inches of snow! This is a low point, so the snow had drifted a little, but I would say the depth averaged about 12-14 inches! In fact, Tracy and I missed work one day because they hadn’t plowed yet and her car got stuck. There was no way out of the neighborhood.

And here’s our mailbox under all the plowed and snow-blower-blown snow. Thank goodness I bought that snow-blower from the Feltmans a couple of years ago!!!

A short time after these pictures were taken, we were sweating profusely in the thick humidity of Hanoi!

Hopefully, I will make more time to add to the blog in the future. I love having it as a kind of family journal/photo album. Tracy has done an excellent job of keeping it up, especially when we were in Vietnam, thanks Honey!

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