Our little highly paid safety consultants?

Christian had an EXCELLENT idea. He said we should start hiring Noah and Zoe out as expert safety consultants:

Are you an expecting or new parent and you think you have already baby proofed your house? Just let us bring Noah and Zoe over and watch as they quickly show you how much baby proofing you still have left to do!

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any damage done or anything that may be broken during Noah and Zoe’s safety surveys.

Friday night we went to Suzanne and Andrew’s to see their new baby, Max. Max is just over a week old, so he’s not doing much yet, but Noah and Zoe were nice enough to point out everything that he will be doing soon. Zoe went for the pens and notebooks on the coffee table (she likes to chew on paper) and then for a glass of red wine. She pulled baby powder, diapers, and wipes off the changing table (she also likes to chew on diapers and wipes). Noah opened every drawer and cabinet, then wandered around the house opening and closing doors and flipping light switches on and off. He was going for the kitty litter box when we caught him.

I think this could be a really good business idea, and the kids would just be doing what they are good at – getting into EVERYTHING. Technically I think it might violate some child labor laws, but I’m wondering if we can get around that by accepting payment only in the form of diapers and wipes.

P.S. Noah is a VERY GOOD safety consultant. He learned how to open the pocket door about a month ago, but he has now learned to open the pocket door *quietly* (he helped Zoe escape yesterday and Mom didn’t even notice for at least a full minute). He also figured out the safety locks on our kitchen cabinets. We’ve seen the wheels turning for several weeks, but something clicked today. Now he just pushes down the little white lock to get into whatever cabinet he chooses. Zoe is still really just in training as a safety consultant, but with Noah as her teacher, I think her skills will develop quickly.


2 thoughts on “Our little highly paid safety consultants?

  1. Noah had also mastered the door to Grandma and Grandpa’s garage. Sometimes the overhead door is open, so you can see the problem. He is now a bit ticked since Grandpa bought a door knob cover. This he has not mastered, but cousin Michael(3)said he could show him how to open the door.

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