We finally have a birth certificate!

When we got home from Vietnam, we registered Zoe’s adoption in our state and filed a petition for her legal name change. That was all completed in June. Our attorney told us then that it might take three months to get her new birth certificate, but I guess I didn’t really believe him. I thought he was just giving us a worst case scenario. Well, almost exactly 90 days later, it finally arrived. I have been checking the mailbox anxiously each day and going a little crazy. I am so glad it’s finally here.

It is a “Delayed Certificate of Birth” which was a little surprising. I mean, it makes sense, but I just assumed it would be a “regular” birth certificate. It lists Vietnam as her place of birth, but lists Christian and me as her parents. The biggest benefit to having it is that we won’t have to go through the Vietnamese government if she ever needs an official birth certificate (when she goes to school, if she gets married, if she decides to adopt, etc.).

I could have applied for her social security number without the birth certificate, but I figured it would be easier to just wait. We went to the social security office Wednesday afternoon and I have to say, it was painless. I was expecting it to be a major ordeal, but it wasn’t at all. I got the form online and filled it out before we left. I took her birth certificate, her Vietnamese adoption paperwork, her state adoption papers and name change decree, her Vietnamese passport, her Certificate of Citizenship, my driver’s license, my passport, my husband’s passport, and our marriage license. I didn’t need it all, but I wanted to be prepared. There was only one person in line ahead of us, and we were in and out in about 25 minutes. They said we would have her card in seven to ten days.

Now we just have to apply for another Certificate of Citizenship that reflects her name change and get a passport, and we are done with adoption paperwork (well, except for the post-placement reports we have to submit for the next 18 years!).


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