Funny t-shirts

I’ve always had this thing for funny t-shirts. I have a purple one that says, “Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.”

I used to buy them for Christian to wear when his band had shows. He has one with Goofy on it that says, “Chicks dig me,” one with Napoleon Dynamite that says, “Flippin sweet,” and another one that just says, “Jenius.”

After Noah was born, I got Noah and Christian matching t-shirts like this:

Noah also had this t-shirt, which he looked pretty cool in when he got his Mohawk.

When he was a newborn he had a onesie that said, “I might barf,” and a bib that said, “It’s all about me.” Right before he started school a few weeks ago I got him one that says, “Preschool politician.” I saw one at The Children’s Place recently that just says “College” like John Belushi’s in Animal House, but they didn’t have his size.

I haven’t found as many cute ones for Zoe, but she has a couple. When we first got back from Vietnam and she still had a shaved head, I got her this one:

I have a cute one that says, “Everyone loves a brown eyed girl,” but it’s way too big for her now.

I found a couple of cute adoption-related t-shirts that I like the other day at CafePress:

I also found a t-shirt that I wish I would have had for myself while we were in the adoption process (or when we were trying to get pregnant for that matter). It says, “No news yet. Yes it is taking a long time. (Thanks for pointing that out.)”


2 thoughts on “Funny t-shirts

  1. I love cafepress! I have a couple of the adoption ones and my friend bought my whole family shirts about adoption from there. Love your blog and love the pics so keep posting them!!

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