No wonder Noah likes my uncle Darrell so much…

If you are easily offended, please skip this post.

At the kids’ doctors appointment earlier this week, our pediatrician told us that one of Noah’s testicles has not descended as it should. He said it’s nothing to worry about now, but that if it still has not descended by the time he is six, Noah would be referred to a urologist and might need surgery.

I didn’t make the correlation on my own, but when I told my mom, she laughed and blurted, “No wonder he likes his uncle Darrell so much.”

I don’t know if it’s really true or not, but, according to family “legend,” my uncle Darrell was born with only one ball. Supposedly he had surgery when he was 40 because one testicle had not descended. That’s not necessarily funny in and of itself, but consider this: It’s also family “legend” that while my uncle Ken was born with the standard pair, my uncle Scott was born with three. So, my grandparents had three sons; The first son had one ball, the second son had two balls, and the third son had three. It’s probably a good thing their other two children were girls…


2 thoughts on “No wonder Noah likes my uncle Darrell so much…

  1. Have you seen that Sandra Bullock movie where the mom reaches under the sheets to count her comatose sons balls? Maybe it’s, “While You Were Sleeping…” Anyway, he has only one.

    So now… do you have the standard issue of two ovaries? Or perhaps one or three? Ovaries and testicles are all gonads and can be off in females as well as males.

    Undescended testicles happen in cats all the time. It’s probably not that rare.

    Speaking of testicles, have you heard of neuticles? They are squishy plastic implant testicles sold as replacements for neutered pets, but also come all the way up to bull size. The man who invented them is a millionaire! He admits all his customers are men who have identity issues with their animal’s sexuality and can’t bring themselves to neuter their pets. Maybe the one testicle brother can get a neuticle. Or your three brother could be a donor.


    Dawn Marie

  2. Tracy, it’s Tina,
    Dad said to tell you he wasn’t born with three testicals he was born with a hernia and he had it removed. lol personaly, I think the three testicals story is funny..

    We miss you all!

    P.S. Noah and Zoe are adorable! :]

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