9 month and 19 month updates

Noah and Zoe had their 19 month and 9 month check-ups at the doctor yesterday. They are both doing great. Noah is 35 1/2 inches and 32 lbs., 8 oz. That puts him in the 95th percentile for weight and means he is off the charts for height. Zoe is still between the 10th and 25th percentiles for height and weight: 26 3/4 inches and 17 lbs., 4 oz.

This appointment was just a well visit, but I’m sure we will have the pleasure of going back with a sick child soon. We are due for a cold or an ear infection because they have both been healthy now for a few months. Zoe crawled around on the exam room floor and Noah touched lots of stuff too, so it’s entirely possible they managed to pick something up while we were there. And, just in case they didn’t, we went to the mall afterward. We put them in the public highchairs in the food court and then went to the indoor playground. Yuck.

I used to be such a germaphobe. I have a friend who had a double lung transplant in 1999, and I learned all about the nasty things that lurk on door knobs, hand rails, salad bars, etc. People who have had transplants have to take anti-rejection meds to keep their bodies from fighting the new organs. The problem is that these same meds also keep their bodies from fighting common colds and illnesses.

It’s just not that practical to be a germaphobe now that I have two babies. On our way to Vietnam, I had Noah’s stuffed puppy in the outside mesh pocket of our bookbag. When Christian’s mom sat the bag down with the puppy touching the ground, I turned the bag over and told her we were trying to keep the puppy clean. On the way home from Vietnam, Noah was laying on the floor of the Hong Kong airport with the puppy and I didn’t even care. It still grosses me out, but maintainig my war against germs just isn’t easy anymore.


2 thoughts on “9 month and 19 month updates

  1. Tracy,

    I have just spent the past hour reading your blog. I saw your link on the yahoo group. Thank you for sharing with us – We have just completed our dossier and are now waiting for a referral. I have been so curious about the G&R, reality of the difficulty in traveling, and the “how to answer the adoption questions” article was fabulous. Now that we are “public” about the fact that we are adopting – we are just now getting into the questions from others.

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate all of the time that you spent writing your blog and I will look at it again when I am more awake! (That is sad considering its only 9 pm)

    I also loved your pictures – the pigs on the back of the motorcycles were a bit alarming so i am glad that I saw that on my computer first!

    mom of 2 boys (16 months and 3)
    waiting on a little one from Vietnam hopefully next year!

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