If I was Angelina…

I saw Angelina Jolie interviewed on the Daily Show a while back, and she said that the number of children she and Brad want varies from seven to 13, depending on the day you ask them. If I was Angelina, or if I was just super-rich, I think I would have ten. If I had someone to do the cooking, the cleaning, the errands, etc., and if I didn’t have to worry about all of the money involved, I would definitely have lots of kids.

I’m not Angelina, so ten is out of the question, but I think maybe I do want more children. (I’m probably going to find out very quickly how many close friends and family are still following my blog by posting this here. At the very least I’m sure my mom and Christian’s mom (who help watch Noah and Zoe and think two is plenty) will have something to say!)

I was an only child. I always said I wanted two or three kids. I really thought I only wanted two, but I didn’t want to close the door on a third before I had any. I just knew that I wanted more than one.

Christian has one brother who is 16 months older than he is. He always said he wanted two kids. It’s kind of funny because when he was younger he thought that everyone had two. He was one of two, his parents were each on of two, his dad’s sister has two kids, etc. He was a little overwhelmed when he met my family. My grandpa was one of 13. My grandma was one of 11. They had five kids, who each had between one and four kids. Add in divorces and remarriages and you get step- and half-siblings, and the fact that my family just calls second-, third- and fourth- cousins “cousins,” and things get very confusing. I need to draw him a family tree (with lots of branches) one of these days because he still has questions.

Anyway, now I’m starting to think I want a bigger family. Not right away or anything, but some day. The thing is that we wanted to have kids close in age, so, if we have three kids, I would probably want to do it in the next two years. I don’t want to wait five years and then end up with a younger “only” child. I was talking to my friend Charlie at the sand bar at the lake last weekend when I had an epiphany: Christian and I should wait five years and then have TWO more kids. I told him, “That’s the answer. I just decided right now that that’s what we should do.” Then I added, “I should probably go tell my husband, huh?” Charlie had a pretty good laugh, and I think I might have seen a look of pity for Christian cross his face.

While driving back to Indy the next day, I told Christian about my fabulous plan. Honestly I think I scared the sh*t out of him, although I don’t think he is entirely opposed to the idea. The one argument he made against it that almost changed my mind immediately was, “Think about all of the laundry.” Laundry for four means I have to do a load every day. I can’t imagine what laundry for six would be like.

I’m not sure if I would want to get pregnant or if we would adopt these future children. I am open to either. Both my pregnancy with Noah and Zoe’s adoption were wonderful and rewarding experiences, but neither was easy. Also, I never thought I would be open to the adoption of a toddler, but I am starting to re-think that, too. This was news to Christian as well.

In the end, we just decided that we will re-evaluate when the time comes. Who knows how we will feel in one year, two years, or five years. I was taking a walk with a friend a few years ago when she told me that she wanted four kids, and I came home and told Christian I thought she was crazy. My how things can change…


2 thoughts on “If I was Angelina…

  1. I know how you feel! I am overwhelmed at the thought of having lots of kids (we have 2 now and are in the process of adopting 1), but I can’t imagine ever wanting to stop. Hopefully, that urge will come to an end when God is done growing our family 🙂

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