My little Rain Man

Noah is very into repetitive tasks right now. We started noticing it on the trip to Vietnam. He would happily sit for 15 minutes with Christian playing with an empty water bottle and a tooth brush. He would put the tooth brush in the water bottle, and then Christian would dump it out. Noah would put the tooth brush back in the water bottle, and Christian would dump it out again. We probably got a good three hours out of this game throughout the trip. It was great on the plane. When the water bottle got old, we found objects that he could take in and out of an air sick bag, like a boarding pass, a pacifier, a straw, a plastic spoon, etc.

These days, Noah really likes opening and closing doors. Before he goes to bed, he has to open and close all of the doors he passes on the way. He opens and closes the doors to the guest bath and hall closet before he climbs the stairs. Upstairs, he opens and closes the four bedroom doors, the hallway bathroom door, and the laundry room door.

The other day I sat in my mom’s driveway with him for 20 minutes as he did the following: put a strand of Mardi Gras beads around his neck, got into his Little Tykes car, shut the door, took the beads off, dropped them on the ground, got out of the car, picked up the beads, put them back on, and then repeated the whole sequence over and over, in exactly the same order. I am amazed that things like this can entertain him for so long, but hey, if he’s happy, I’m happy.

Sidebar: Noah looks pretty funny with purple and gold Mardi Gras necklaces on (his new favorite items at my mom’s house). When it’s my choice I leave the beads at home, but my mom takes him out in public that way. I have to just realize that it’s only going to get worse. My cousin’s son wanted to wear his rain coat to school when he was two. The teachers said he left it on all day, and that he even took his nap in it. This one takes the cake though: A few months ago I was at Cost-Co and a mom and her 5 or 6 year old son were eating in the little food court. The boy was wearing a Spider Man outfit and a strand of pearls, happily enjoying a slice of pizza.


One thought on “My little Rain Man

  1. Yes, It gets worst before better. How about Michael’s gym shorts and cowboy boots. Noah also likes to wear the vegetable strainer on his head. He does now share his “new hat” with Zoe.


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