People say some stupid things

My grandma and my uncles have a buy here/pay here car lot and body shop. Sometimes when my mom has Noah and Zoe, she will take them to the shop to visit my grandma. Last year one of Noah’s favorite things was to cruise around the lot in his walker.

My mom had them at the shop last week and a customer came in who remembered Noah from last year. She asked if he was the same little baby who had been in the walker and said how much he had grown up since she had seen him last. My mom was holding Zoe, and she told the woman that Zoe was Noah’s little sister. The woman paused a moment before she asked if Zoe was adopted. My mom explained yes, that Zoe was born in Vietnam.

The woman then asked, “Will she be able to speak American?”

My mom said she tried not to laugh as she told the woman that Zoe would be able to speak English, but that she might end up having a little trouble with her Vietnamese.


5 thoughts on “People say some stupid things

  1. Yes, unfortunately some people just don’t think before they open their mouths. You have a beautiful family. What a cute picture.

  2. We get that ALL THE TIME!
    My husband tells them that to start with they will speak Viet-lish with a big GRIN on his face. My mom and grandma say, no they’re dutch. I usually say that since they spent their first 5 months in Vietname, when they start talking the first 5 months it will be in Vietnamese.

    It’s a humorous way to get people thinking and to keep you from getting our of your skin annoyed at it.

  3. LMAO, I’m totally laughing at that post. It’s been a rough time with Jocelyn today, so I needed a good chuckle. 🙂

  4. Yes, unfortunately some people here in American are still very ignorant. My family is Vietnamese and my youngest brother was 8 when we came to this country. He can hardly speak Vietnamese now. When he traveled to Vietnam, he and his friends were talking in English, a few American tourists stopped by and asked him “where did you learn to speak Enligh so flawlesh?”

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