A big day for the kids

Noah and Zoe both had big days today. Zoe got her ears pierced and Noah got a Mohawk. Their grandparents aren’t thrilled, but Christian and I think they both look adorable. I wonder if our parents would have been happier if we’d gotten Noah’s ears pierced and given Zoe a Mohawk…

Although some people don’t think you should pierce a baby’s ears, I think the ear piercing is less objectionable to most than the Mohawk. My mom has actually been anxious to get Zoe’s ears pierced. She has been watching the babies about once a week, and had even asked me how upset I would be if I came to pick Zoe up one day and her ears were pierced. I originally thought we would wait a while, but just decided that I wanted to get it done. I think it’s because she has so little hair and I can’t use barrettes or do ponytails. I was just anxious to do something girly.

I’ve been thinking about Noah’s Mohawk for a while. I tried spiking his hair with gel so that he would have a faux-hawk, but it never really worked. His hair is pretty thin, so it never stayed spiky for more than a few minutes. I figure this is about the only age that he could have a Mohawk and be adorable at the same time. (Noah, if you are reading this when you are 14, no a Mohawk would no longer be “adorable.”) I also figured this is a good time to do it because it will be grown out by the end of the year, when we plan to take a family picture.

I called Christian at work to see what he thought of my plans for the kids. He said I should do it and he told me to, “Go have fun.” I didn’t think I could go alone, so my sister-in-law Leah met me. We went to Cookie Cutters first for Noah. When I told the girl behind the counter, Alex, that I wanted to get a Mohawk for Noah, she told me that I had made her day. The guy next to her asked quickly, “Is Dad OK with this?”

When I assured them that Christian was on board, Alex took us back. Noah got to sit in the little red car and watch Baby Einstein while she buzzed the sides of his head. She said that she used to have a Mohawk and that she used Elmer’s glue to make hers stand up. She suggested some kids’ brand of pomade that smells like grape for Noah though – probably a much better choice for a one-year-old.

Next we went to Claire’s Boutique to have Zoe’s ears pierced. We chose little cubic zirconias with 14 kt gold posts. I held her on my lap while they did it, and I broke out into a sweat watching. Zoe cried. It wasn’t very much, but it still made me feel terrible. Luckily she recovered pretty quickly.


4 thoughts on “A big day for the kids

  1. They look adorable! I’ve been trying to convinve Brian that the babies need their ears done as well. He’s not on board yet…perhaps I should ask for it for Mother’s day!

  2. funniest comment ever = I wonder if our parents would have been happier if we’d gotten Noah’s ears pierced and given Zoe a Mohawk…


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