A visit from the Minnesota friends

My friend Aimee, her husband Brian, her daughter Abbi, and her son Carter came to visit us Sunday and Monday. They went to a wedding in Ohio and made a stop in Indiana to see us before heading to Iowa to visit family and going back home to Minnesota.

I met Aimee in the summer of 1996 through a program called Camp Adventure. We were day camp counselors for American military dependents on a Marine Corps base in Okinawa, Japan. We had 30 five- and six-year-olds between the two of us, from 7am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. It was exhausting, but we had a great time with the kids. We also had a great time when we were off duty. As college girls on an overseas military base, we were pretty popular. It was a very memorable summer.

There were several typhoons that summer, which was great for us. Everything shut down (meaning no work!) and it was one big party in the barracks. We weren’t supposed to drink or buy alcohol in our uniforms, so we turned our shirts inside out to go to the liquor store before one typhoon hit. Gee, I bet no one could figure out who we were:

This is Aimee when we were shopping-cart-wind-surfing just before a typhoon:


We kept in touch after we got home from Japan. She came to visit me in Indy, and I visited her in Iowa just before I did Camp Adventure again in the summer of 2000 (that time I was in Germany and I worked with teenagers on an Army base). Aimee got married that summer. I had to leave for Germany before her wedding, but luckily I just happened to be in Iowa for training at the same time as her bachelorette party!

When Christian and I were dating, Aimee and Brian came to stay with me in Indy when they went to the Brickyard. They came back again when Aimee was a bridesmaid in our wedding in 2003 (she was pregnant with Abbi at the time).

In 2005, we discovered that we were both pregnant and that we had the same due date (February 3, 2006). Amazingly, Carter and Noah were both born on January 30, 2006!

While they were here, we went for a pontoon boat ride at my mom and Tom’s lake and let Abbi and the boys play in the water a little. It was freezing, but they didn’t seem to mind.

Zoe stayed on dry land with my mom. We’ll let the water warm up a little before her first lake adventure.

You never know when great friends will come into your life, but I’m so glad that Aimee came into mine. I never would have guessed when we were in Okinawa that she would be in my wedding 7 years later, that we would have babies on the same day 10 years later, or that we would be spending a beautiful afternoon on the boat with our families 11 years later!


2 thoughts on “A visit from the Minnesota friends

  1. OK, so I’m way behind on catching up on your blog, but today I actually had time. I can’t believe you put those pictures from Okinawa on! What a long time ago that was. Thanks for those memories. Your a great friend and I’m so glad we were able to visit.

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