I’ll give you a million dong if you’ll go to sleep

When Noah was first born, Christian would say to him, “I’ll give you a million dollars if you’ll go to sleep.” When we were in Vietnam, we started saying to Zoe, “I’ll give you a million dong if you’ll go to sleep.” Since a million Vietnamese dong only equals about $62 US, I think she’s getting cheated in this deal.

There are a few other terms and phrases we use when talking about the babies. Noah is “the boy” and Zoe is “the girl.” For example, if I am leaving the room, I might say, “Honey I have to run upstairs. Don’t let the boy kill the girl.”

When Noah decides to pull out every toy he has or gets into something he’s not supposed to, we say that the boy is causing “havoc” (with heavy emphasis on the first syllable, so it sounds like “HAY-voc”).

We stole this one from another family that lives near us and has a baby girl from Vietnam who is about six weeks older than Zoe. When Zoe is lying on her back, sometimes she smiles and starts wiggling her legs and hips. We say, “Are you ‘having a party?’ Are you a ‘party girl?'”

This final one has become a favorite. If the boy or the girl has “Cracker Jacks,” it means he or she has a poopy diaper (i.e. there’s a “surprise” inside!).


One thought on “I’ll give you a million dong if you’ll go to sleep

  1. Hey Tracy. The kids aRE beautiful! I love the new pictures. May I ask you a question? How old was Zoe at the time of her referral/travel and how did you know what size clothes to buy for her (being that we are all not sure when exactly we will travel)? I am hoping to adopt a baby girl as young as possible. I spoke w/Barbara today and she told me that due to the new law, the babies must be in the orphange for 2 months before they will begin their paperwork. She said at travel, the baby would be 3 1/2 to 4 months old at the youngest. I know you said 0-3 months were a little big on Zoe, so should I expect that 0-3 will be okay if the baby is 3-4 months old? What do you recommend because I know you’ve been through this before 🙂 I keep buying 0-3 than 6-9 because everything keeps changing…
    Thanks so much!
    Tommi (ADOPPT GROUP)

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