Our trip home

Now that we are little bit settled in, I thought I would catch everyone up.

Our family and the Lykins family were on the 7:10pm flight from Hanoi to Hong Kong Friday. The other two families, minus Nancy (who was sick), Ava and Sofia (who were napping), and Dan (who was visiting friends in HCMC), met us in the lobby to say goodbye.

We loaded all of our luggage into the airport vans and then we headed to the embassy. We sat outside while Thuy went in to pick up the babies’ visas. At just a few minutes after 4pm, she came out with the visas in hand, so on to the airport we went. We made it to the airport just before they started checking bags for our flight.

Noah had fallen asleep in the van on the way to the airport, and he was still asleep when we posed for a final photo with Thuy and when we loaded him on top of the luggage cart in his car seat.

He woke up by the time we got to the gate so we let him run around. When we sat Zoe in his car seat, he was suddenly interested in her. I almost thought he was going to give her a kiss, but he decided just to hold her hand instead.

By the time we got to the airport in Hong Kong at 10pm, both babies were tired. Noah decided to lie on the airport floor. Zoe waited until we got on the plane and slept in her bassinet seat.

When we FINALLY made it back to Indianapolis, Grandma, Mimi, Pops, Shannon, and Michael were at the airport to greet us. Grandpa wasn’t feeling well, but we stopped by on the way home to see him.

Mimi (Christian’s mom) spent the night with us Saturday and Grandma (my mom) stayed Sunday to get up during the night with the babies, so Christian and I could get some sleep. We’re on our own tonight though, so wish us luck!


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