Doug from our agency called us at about 8:30 this morning and told us to get ready and to be at the embassy at 10am! All four families here had our second interviews and we are supposed to pick up visas tomorrow at 4pm. They said that 90% of the time things go smoothly, but if there are computer glitches or power outages (which do happen here) our visas will not be ready. So, we are hoping that things do go smoothly, and that we can pick up Zoe’s visa at 4pm as we head to the airport for our 7:10pm flight to Hong Kong! We’ll fly Hanoi to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to LA, LA to Chicago, and Chicago to Indy, arriving at 9:40am on St. Patrick’s Day (or at least that’s the plan!). We’re almost there!

Now we have to start packing and figure out how we’re going to get all of the stuff we bought while we were here home! At least our load on the way home will be lighter as we won’t have as many diapers, wipes, cans of formula, jars of baby food, etc!



  1. We are so thrilled for you! I thought maybe Angelina adopting a baby there would impact things. Hope all is well.

  2. It has been wonderful following your trip in vietnam. Glad to hear you are heading home. I love the pictures – we were not as good as you about taking pictures when we were there.

    Safe travels

    Meg – Avalinh’s mom

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