Still no interview

We didn’t get a call today for our embassy appointment as we had hoped. As of this morning, our file was still in Ho Chi Minh City. The office here has to wait for an email from the office in HCMC saying everything is OK, and then they schedule the second appointment for us. We don’t have any reason to believe there is a problem with our adoption, but of course my stomach will be in knots until we have the visa in hand and are on a plane headed home.

We could still get a call tomorrow morning and get an appointment in the afternoon, then pick up the visa on Friday at 4pm on our way to the airport for a 7pm flight to Hong Kong. I’m not holding my breath, but hey, it could still happen, right?

We spent most of the day waiting for the phone to ring and just being generally bummed out, but we did make it out to dinner with Thuy, Amy, and Doug from our agency and two of the other families who are with us.


One thought on “Still no interview

  1. Hang in there Tracy. I had my interview the same day they called (they called around 11 for a 2PM interview) and then got my visa from Thuy on the way out the door to catch the plane. It has happened before and can happen again. The wait is agonizing, but it will end. Thuy will help you every step, she’s great. Please tell her I said hello and that I’ll never forget her kindness. Hopefully someday we will be back again to adopt a toddler or older child and she can see the twins grown up a bit.
    Praying for you guys! Jenn

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