No embassy news today and the adventures of a naked baby

We didn’t hear anything about our second embassy interview today, so that’s kind of a bummer. I know we can still make it out by Friday, but I’m starting to stress. I just wish we could get that visa in our hot little hands and enjoy the rest of the week.

Zoe and I both went to the SOS clinic today. I have a stuffy nose and a cough, so I thought I would get it checked out. I don’t feel terrible or anything, but thought I should take care of it right away. I don’t have time to get sick! I am taking the antibiotics that we brought with us, along with Sudafed and Robitussin, so hopefully I will feel better soon.

We needed to have Zoe’s ears checked again since she had fluid in them when we were there for our appointment last week. There is still some fluid, but they look much better. We’ll continue her meds for a few more days. Her bronchitis is gone, but her skin still looks pretty bad, especially her head. The yellow crusty cradle cap is gone, but a lot of her hair has fallen out and now her scalp is bright red. They told us to use cortisone on her scalp twice and day, and it is already looking better. She just keeps itching it and it makes me feel terrible for her. My poor little beautiful bald baby! Noah was bald for a long time too. I guess I’m just not meant to have babies with full heads of hair.

Zoe’s skin is just very sensitive. The doctor said it may be something that we get on top of and it will get better, she may grow out of it, it may be an allergy that we will have to figure out, or she may always have problems with eczema or seborrheic dermatitis (just like her dad!). It’s definitely not lice or scabies or anything like that though.

The doctor suggested that we have as much “naked time” as possible to let her skin breathe, so as soon as we got back to the hotel we stripped her down. I put a towel down, put a receiving blanket on top of the towel (the hotel towels aren’t very soft) and then we covered her with another receiving blanket. She started fussing a few minutes later as it was time for a bottle. Christian picked her up and sat on the floor feeding her. Well, somehow he didn’t have her butt covered after he picked her up, so of course she decided to poop – right on the carpet. He laid her back down, and in the process we ended up with poop on both blankets and all over her. Christian cleaned up the floor, rinsed the blankets, and put them in the washing machine. We rinsed her butt in the sink and I wrapped her up in a clean towel, on which she promptly spit up. As I was adjusting the towel and trying to wipe her chin, she started to pee. She peed through the towel and onto my clothes.

Christian said that he was ready to give up on naked time for the afternoon and that we should dress her again, but I told him that she couldn’t possibly have anything left. He agreed and wrapped her in another towel. He sat with her for a few minutes until she got squirmy. She kicked the towel off and we were just about ready to dress her when she started peeing again, with a stream shooting into the air. I knew you had to watch out for little boys (I have lots of personal experience – Noah even managed to pee on the dog once), but I didn’t know little girls could do that too! This time she got it on the towel, on Christian’s clothes, and on the couch. Let’s just say we’ve all had our share of bodily fluids for one day. Let’s also say that if you are visiting Hanoi in the near future and planning to stay at the Somerset Grand, e-mail me privately and I’ll tell you which room to avoid.


One thought on “No embassy news today and the adventures of a naked baby

  1. I’m laughing at this as reading it. Too funny. Little girls can shoot pee pretty good though, some gurggle like a little water fountain, others are more like the foutains in front of the Belagio in Vegas! Aubrey also has skin issues, though I’ve noticed the past couple weeks she seems to be doing MUCH better. 1/2% hydricortizone cream for bad breakouts, patting dry and nlotioning right away instead of rubbing dry, and also whenever possible if someone is holding her have them drape a blanket on her as not to get their soaps, detergents, perfume, etc on her skin. Like I said, Aubreys did get b etter, took until she was about 7 months old.
    I love reading your blog and I’m really wanting to go back…if only.

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