Hoan Kiem Lake

We’ve had a couple of cooler days, but today was probably the last of them. It was 78 degrees today, but it’s supposed to be 85 tomorrow and then 93 on Thursday and Friday. We tried to get out today in case we decide to spend the rest of our time here at the pool!

We walked around Hoan Kiem Lake and took the Sunbeam Bridge (red bridge) to the Jade Hill Temple.

In the courtyard of the temple, a group of men were playing dahn co tuong, or Chinese chess.

Outside the temple, a woman handed Christian her baskets and told us to take a picture (of course then she wanted money). Too bad she didn’t have the conical hat!

At the other end of Hoan Kiem Lake is the Tortoise Tower.

On our way home we passed a Hanoi barber shop. There are real barber shops and beauty parlors here, and even upscale salons, but you also see men like this who have just hung a mirror somewhere and set up shop on a street corner.


One thought on “Hoan Kiem Lake

  1. Someone pointed me to your blog and I’ve loved following along the last couple of days. We will be traveling in early May for our little boy and I am so glad that we can get a real sense of what the country is like from you. Thank you for sharing this and best wishes for a safe and speedy journey home with your 2 previous bundles.

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