Ha Long Bay

We went to Ha Long Bay today. It’s about 100 miles east of Hanoi on the Gulf of Tonkin. There are about 2,000 limestone islands that rise straight out of the ocean. Some of the islands have caves, with amazing stalactites and stalagmites.

I’m glad we went and that we “checked that box,” but I’m not sure that I would go again unless the weather and the tour guide were better. It’s about a three hour drive, which was tough with the babies, and the weather was foggy and crummy. Our tour guide was OK as far as being informative, but I definitely wouldn’t say he went the extra mile for us. It’s unfortunate because another family we know used the same travel agency, had a great guide, and said they had a wonderful time. We requested him, but he was booked.

We did have our own boat, which was probably made for 40 people, so that was nice. They served a seafood lunch which Christian loved. I thought it was OK once I put aside my whole not-liking-to-eat-things-that-still-resemble-the-animal thing (seriously, Christian sometimes has to cut the meat off the bones of beef and chicken for me, and today he had to take the meat out of the crab shell, take the bones out of the fish, and tear the heads and little legs off the shrimp).

Junk boats on Ha Long Bay:


Cave stalactites and stalagmites:

Enjoying our boat and Ha Long Bay:


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