Not only gorgeous, but smart and talented, too

We’ve established that Noah and Zoe are both gorgeous, but I just thought I would let everyone know that they are smart and talented, too.

Zoe now says da da. Its not necessarily aimed at Christian, but she can say it. We think she may be imitating Noah, since that is still his favorite word. When we brought her home she could not hold her head up, but she started doing it after just two days. She gets better and better each day. And she is such a wiggle worm! She also “talks” (loudly) all of the time. It is absolutely adorable. We have some video of it, but I haven’t figured out how to include it in the blog yet. Best of all (for Mom and Dad), she slept through the night last night (10pm-7am). Hopefully now that she’s been on her antibiotics for a few days and feeling better, sleeping through the night will become a habit.

Noah can stand up on his own now, without having to pull up on something. He understands, “Come here,” but he only does it when he feels like it. He grabs our noses when we say, “Honk honk.” When Zoe babbles, he imitates her, only he tries to be louder. He has figured out how to defeat our rubber-band-around-the-cabinet-knobs child safety locks. He still loves to dance when he hears music, and seems to have a particular interest in Gwen Stefani when her videos come on MTV (yes, MTV actually plays music here, but it’s the same songs over and over). He has two new teeth coming in on the bottom. We’re still being a little bit careful, but he’s tried a variety of foods now without any trouble. He really likes chicken, ham, cheese, tomatoes, crackers, and cookies (of course). He can eat off a fork, and he gets mad when we don’t share what’s on our plates. He even fed himself a few bites with a spoon. He now eats more “real” food than he does baby food. I’m certain that he is bigger, too. He is outgrowing his 18 month pajamas.


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