Museum of Ethnology

Today we visited the Museum of Ethnology. The museum has a collection of items and photographs from Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups. Because of the area where she was born, we believe Zoe is part of the Kinh ethnic group. About 84% of Vietnamese people are Kinh.

It was difficult to enjoy the museum because so many people came up to us to see Noah. I was carrying Zoe in the Baby Bjorn and had a blanket over her, so people couldn’t really see her, but Christian had Noah in the stroller and people were all over him. This was the first time that we were a little annoyed by all of the attention. When we are shopping it’s easier to deal with, but it was difficult to enjoy the exhibits and read anything about them. There was a group of high school girls that came in behind us, and we had to do everything we could to stay ahead of them.

Outside there were houses of different ethnic groups that have been built on the museum grounds by village artisans. These exhibits were not as crowded, so we enjoyed them a little more.

Buffalo cage and straw pile of a Tay house:

Bahnar communal house:

Ede longhouse:

Giari tomb with wooden carved fertility symbols:

Tay house:

Hanhi house:

Family altar:


Hanging baby bassinet:

Vietnamese “scarecrows”:

Traditional boats:

This is one of the many people who wanted to talk to Noah and have a picture taken with him:


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