Enjoying the attention again

We went to the Old Quarter to do some shopping tonight (again!), and once more we are enjoying the attention that everyone gives to the babies. In the stores people hand Noah small trinkets as gifts. Tonight this woman stopped us on the street and handed Noah a banana, and would not let us pay her for it. Now I am feeling a little bad for being so annoyed at the museum earlier today. Also, doesn’t Christian look really cute in this picture?

Before we went home, we had a late dinner at Little Hanoi Cafe. Christian and I each had two beers, we each had an order of spring rolls, and we split a toasted ham and cheese sandwich with Noah (Zoe stuck to formula). Our bill was only $15.54, and that’s a bit expensive by Hanoi standards. The staff waved at Noah and Zoe and made faces to try to get them to laugh. They thought it was hilarious when Noah tried to drink Dad’s beer.

The same cyclo driver seemed to be outside every store we came out of, and he was there again when we came out of the restaurant. I think he was stalking us! We finally gave in after dinner, but we decided we needed two cyclos this time. He called to his friend a few yards down the street and they took us home. They even rode next to each other when possible so that we were all together. They said they would take us on an hour tour of Hanoi tomorrow for $10 total, so they are supposed to meet us at 2pm. I’m not sure what is on the itinerary yet, but they said we could go wherever we wanted and that they would wait for us if we wanted to stop somewhere. I’ve got to figure out a good route because we’re running out of time to see everything we want to see!


3 thoughts on “Enjoying the attention again

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