More problems with flights

I had hestitated to even post this since it will make my mother nervous, but we are now having problems with our flights home. When we missed our Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong in LA, America Airlines rerouted us through Tokyo. They told us that they had notifed Cathay of the change and that we did not need to go to the Cathay desk. I almost said we should go anyway, but it was 1am in LA, 4am Indy time, and we were exhausted. Noah really needed to go to bed, so we just went on to the hotel. Apparently that was the wrong decision. Cathay considered us a no show for those flights and cancelled our return flights.

Luckily I contacted our travel agent, Todd Gallinek, a few days ago to check to see if we had seat assignments for the return flights. He discovered the problem and has been working on it for us. I am so glad I contacted him. I cannot even imagine showing up and the airport with both babies and all of our luggage thinking we were headed home and not being able to get on the plane. Todd has been so helpful, and I would highly recommend him to other families who are adopting in Vietnam. He now has the flights from Hong Kong to LA, LA to Chicago, and Chicago to Indy reinstated with seat assignments, and we should have a bassinet on the Hong Kong to LA flight. He is still working on the Hanoi to Hong Kong flight, but told us not to worry. Of course I will worry until it’s confirmed, but I feel confident that he will take care of it for us.


2 thoughts on “More problems with flights

  1. I just read you blog. We were in Vietnam in January and kept a blog Some of your stories made me laugh – especially today’s notes on advice. Now that we are back in the US I realize how much I appreciate that I wrote a bit each day – things have started to blur. I hope you have a wonderful end to your trip and congratulations to your family.


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