Make-shift medicine cabinet

For some reason I just thought this was a funny photo. Maybe it’s because I’m delirious after putting Zoe back down for the third time tonight (she woke up once because of her stuffy nose, once for a bottle, and once for a VERY poopy diaper – I’m sure that she will love knowing that I shared that kind of information with the world if she reads this when she is older).

Obviously we don’t have a changing table in the living room here, and we needed a place to keep the antibiotic, the ear drops, the saline solution and nasal aspirator, A&D for diaper rash, cortisone cream for the rash on her back, baby oil and a comb for the cradle cap, lotion, nail clippers, etc., etc., and it needed to be in a place high enough that Noah can’t get it. So, the top of the television has become our make shift medicine cabinet.

Maybe it’s lack of sleep, or maybe it’s just the fact that we have so many creams, ointments, and oils (or maybe this is just what having two children is all about) but I meant to put Neosporin on a little pimple on Noah’s forehead yesterday only to realize that I had used diaper rash cream!


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