Zoe’s first haircut

Since Zoe has such a bad case of cradle cap, we decided to go ahead and give her her first haircut (sorry, Grandma). I use clippers on Christian’s hair in between haircuts, so I had them with us. Much of the hair on the top of her head had fallen out with the cradle cap scales, so she sort of had a Bozo the Clown look going on. We decided that it would look better to just get it all one length, and it would make it easier to treat the cradle cap as well. I’m a little bummed since we had heard about this full head of hair she had and I had brought some cute little hair accessories for her. I guess pony tails and barrettes will have to wait. When we took Noah for his first haircut at Cookie Cutters, he got a nice little certificate and his picture taken. Since I don’t think there’s a Cookie Cutters in Hanoi, and we just did the haircut ourselves, we decided to make our own little certificate for Zoe.


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