Our second day with Zoe

I realized that in most of my previous posts I was just calling Zoe “the baby.” I think I was afraid to call her by her name. I was afraid that something would go wrong. I know we still have to clear the US side of things, but I just have this overwhelming sense of relief now that we have had our G&R. It feels so good to hold her, to feed her, to make her laugh, to watch her sleep, to see her with Noah, and to call her Zoe!

Zoe is doing great. She is eating well and sleeping well. She woke up twice last night – once because she was hungry and once because she pooped – so we’re hoping to do a little better than that tonight, but I am definitely not complaining. She has napped in the Baby Bjorn while we walked around today, and she took a good nap this afternoon in her crib. The afternoon nap was even at the same time as Noah’s nap, so Mom and Dad got to rest too!

She is so tiny. The medicals we got said that she was 8 lbs, 8 oz. when she was one month old (two months ago), but I just don’t see how that could be right. That’s probably about what she weighs now. We have our medical appointment early next week, so we’ll find out then. She is swimming in her 0-3 month clothes.

She has a serious case of cradle cap, which we have been working on with baby oil and a comb. Unfortunately much of her hair has come out along with the cradle cap scales, so now she’s pretty thin on top. It looks like she has male-pattern-baldness.

She also has a very bad rash all over her back and under her arms. We e-mailed photos to the specialist at home, Dr. Belcher, and he thinks it is just a heat rash or baby eczema. We are treating her with hydrocortisone twice a day, and it looks better already. Dr. Belcher has been so helpful, and we are very grateful to him.

It is so hot and humid here, and that probably has not helped her rash any. Just to give you an idea, it is 71% humidity in our apartment with the air on (I brought a little Vick’s health monitor with us – according to the monitor it is “Too humid for everyday”). It’s 95-100% humidity outside, so it feels hot and sticky no matter what the temperature is. I know I’m supposed to keep our babies bundled up while we are here to keep the old ladies from getting mad at us, but I just can’t do that to either of them. I took Zoe out today in pants, onesie, sweatshirt, hat, and socks, and she was sweating. When we went out later I left the sweatshirt and hat off, but I kept a receiving blanket over her, on the outside of the carrier. She seemed much more comfortable. We were keeping long pants on Noah the first few days, but now we take him out in shorts and we’ve been skipping the onesie. No one has really hassled us.

Zoe smiles and coos, and seems happy. She doesn’t cry much, just a little when she’s hungry or needs to be changed, or when we are torturing the poor little thing with the hydrocortisone, but all of those things are easily resolved. I’m just so happy that she is with us. I guess it’s possible that I am biased, but I am convinced that I am now the proud mother of the most handsome boy and most beautiful girl on the planet!


One thought on “Our second day with Zoe

  1. You may be biased, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true — both of your children are gorgeous!

    Thank you for allowing me to make this fantastic journey with you.


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