Orphanages in Phu Tho

I did not post much about our orphanage visit before since I didn’t want to post details or photos until we had our G&R. The day we visited the babies in Phu Tho, we went to the main Viet Tri orphanage first. That’s where the babies of the other three families were. There were probably 50 babies there, and there were also older children with disabilities. There was one baby that especially broke my heart. She was probably about Noah’s age. I asked Thuy about her and she told me a very sad story. The little girl’s family has three girls already and they brought her to the orphanage because they want to try to have a boy. They said they could not care for her anymore. Since the little girl is just over a year old, she is old enough to know that her parents are not with her anymore. Thuy said she is sad all of the time. I hope that someone adopts her. I don’t worry about the younger babies because I’m sure they will all be adopted, but some toddlers are not. I asked Christian how many children we could take home with us and he said six. After visiting the orphanages I wish that we could really do that. The orphanage had two main rooms for the babies. The babies are lined up on beds and their names and birth days are on post-it notes above their beds. Outside there is a main courtyard where there is some broken down playground equipment. A huge banner of Ho Chi Minh, or “Uncle Ho,” looks over the courtyard.

The smaller orphanage that Zoe was in was a five to ten minute drive from the main building. There are probably 40 babies there, in two different rooms.

This is Zoe (second from the left) with her bedmates.

This is the post-it note at her place on the bed with her name and her birth day.

This is Zoe with one of her nannies.

This is the building itself.

This is the view outside, which was actually very pretty. This building is in a little more rural area than the main building.


One thought on “Orphanages in Phu Tho

  1. Hello, i’m elena and i’m italian. I went to phu tho the 8 march 2007 i think it’s possible that you have same photo of my little girl. I dont see the photo. If you have somethink……thank you………

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