Noah, the most popular guy in Hanoi

Noah is a very popular guy here, and has become quite the man about town. Wherever we go, people want to talk to him, touch him, tickle him, hold him, etc. Sometimes he is a little shy, but for the most part he loves it and really hams it up for everyone. We had dinner at another great restaurant last night, and the staff took Noah and Zoe so we could eat. They had Noah behind the bar letting him ring a bell that they use to let the servers know that an order is ready. They were playing songs on their phones for him, and taking pictures of him and then showing them to him and to us.

It is amazing to me what has happened to my “independent” child. Suddenly he wants attention all of the time. Sometimes he does things he knows he is not supposed to do to get attention, like trying to eat a blue crayon yesterday or taking the rocks out of the fake plant in the living room and putting them in his mouth. Though we certainly don’t let him get away with those things, I’m sorry to admit that he is getting to do some things we didn’t used to let him do (like walk around with food – he has a cookie in one hand right now and a rice cake in the other) just because it’s harder to keep an eye on two babies than it was with just one. We are convinced that Noah has gotten a hold of our electrical adaptor and Christian’s bottle of prescription decongestant, because they have just disappeared. We think maybe he threw them in the trash and housekeeping took them away. It makesme feel like a terrible parent that I never saw him with either item. It is especialy tough here because things are not baby proofed like they are at home, and we don’t have enough cabinets and drawers to keep everything out of his reach. We did finally figure out that we can wrap rubber bands around the knobs of the cabinets we do have to keep him out of those.

Most of the time though Noah is trying to get attention by doing things that are especially cute. It’s all about phones right now. He wants to play with our cell phones, and we unplugged the phone in the living room so he can pay with it. He takes anything that resembles a phone (and many things that do not) and puts them up to his ear and starts “talking.” Then he hands it to us so we can talk.

He is having a rough time understanding that not all of the bottles and pacifiers around here now are his. If he sees Zoe having a bottle, he wants it, even if he just finished his. Zoe has not really been into a pacifier yet, but we brought several different types for her to try. Noah thinks they are all his, even though they are not the ones that he is used to.

Christian had a talk with Noah the other night to explain that he his going to love his sister, and that he will eventually be protective of her, but he’s not buying it yet. Right now he’s just working on tolerating her being here.


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