Let the delays begin…

We found out today that our G&R has been delayed until the 28th. We tried to change our flights, but things are pretty booked up, so we are still leaving on the 22nd – a week from tomorrow!

We are really hoping that things go smoothly once we are in Vietnam, but also doing our best to be prepared for changes and delays. I think almost every agency on the planet kept their families home until after Tet, so I am envisioning this swarm of adoptive parents converging on the US Embassy all at once. It’s very possible that things will get backed up.

I am generally not a very relaxed, easy going person. I am a planner: Our packing list for the trip is in an Excel spreadsheet with the first column for the item, the second column for the category (Christian, Tracy, Noah, Baby, medical, travel/misc, or toiletries), and the third column as a place to check off once it is packed. For some reason though, I have this sense of calm about the adoption. I know that the trip may not go smoothly, but I know we will be bringing home our baby girl. I just have this sense of peace about it. Someone please remind me that I said that when Christian and I are jetlagged, sick, and up all night with two babies!


2 thoughts on “Let the delays begin…

  1. You and my husband sound just alike as far as being super organized.
    I am so excited to finally be going.
    Can’t wait to meet your family!


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