We’re finally going to get our baby!

We finally have travel approval for Vietnam. Our baby’s Giving and Receiving date is scheduled for February 27th. We are leaving February 22nd, but don’t arrive until February 24th (it’s one full day of traveling and then Hanoi is 12 hours ahead of Indy). We fly Indianapolis to Chicago to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Hanoi. We have a 7 hour layover in Hong Kong, so we booked a day room at the airport hotel. That way we can shower, nap, and give Noah a place to crawl around. Our flights home are scheduled for March 16th, arriving home in Indy at 9:40 am on St. Patrick’s Day.

I am so relieved to have our G&R date. We’re one step closer to bringing our little girl home!

There was so much we had to wait to do until we had that date. My brain is in overdrive now. I got so much done last night and today (Noah and I are at home with a foot of snow outside – we aren’t going anywhere today). We booked flights, hotel, the day room in Hong Kong, registered for frequent flyer miles, purchased travel insurance, arranged to have our mail picked up, arranged care for our dogs, etc. I am feeling better now that I have those things crossed off my list, but still freaking out! We still have a lot to do.

I can’t believe we leave next week, and that we’ll have a daughter less than two weeks from now!


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