Noah pukes on the dogs

You may remember my post last month about Noah puking on Mommy. Well, this time his furry brother and sister were the victims.

We were having dinner and Noah was eating one of his favorites – broccoli. He started to choke, so I did the finger sweep to clear it out. Unfortunately, more than just the broccoli came out. The formula that he had had about a half hour earlier and the bologna pieces that my mom insists on feeding him (“He loves it!” she says) came too.

We got Noah cleaned up and changed his jammies. We wiped off the table and cleaned the highchair, then went on with our dinner (minus the broccoli). We thought everything was fine and we went on with our evening.

About an hour later I was sitting on our couch, and Ally (the Shih Tzu) jumped up on the cushion behind me. I noticed a smell. When I got a little closer, I found chunks of bologna in her fur! We decided we should take a look at Toby (the hound shepherd mix), and of course he had some on him too!

A few months ago, Toby and Ally found a new favorite spot in the house: under Noah’s high chair. Noah takes one bite of food for himself, and then throws one of the floor, so the dogs think it’s great. Apparently, the dogs were under the high chair when he puked. In our haste to get Noah cleaned up and calm him down (for some strange reason the puking upset him!), we neglected to tend to our furry children.

Here are pictures of Toby and Ally, minus the bologna:


One thought on “Noah pukes on the dogs

  1. Tracy, Ally looks quite a bit like our ShihTzu but with all four limbs. We found Emmy at the shelter and have been in love very since. She too has been the unfortunate recipient of oddities as such.

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