Noah’s first birthday

According to my “Your Baby This Week” e-mails, Noah is officially a toddler. He turned one today. I can’t believe a year has gone by already. Everyone tells you how fast it goes. I certainly didn’t think it was going very fast when he was a newborn crying day and night and we were all exhausted, but the rest has seemed to fly by. It was all worth it. My little toddler is adorable, fun, and full of personality. And I still think of him as my baby!

We had a birthday party for him at our house on Sunday. It was a small party – just family and close friends. Before we had cake and ice cream and opened presents, we incorporated part of the “thoi noi” into the celebration. Thoi noi is a Confucian tradition celebrated in Vietnam as part of a first birthday. We placed various objects in a circle and sat Noah in the middle. The objects that he chose first are supposed to represent what he will be when he is an adult. These are the objects we placed around him and what they represent (some are traditionally used items and some we improvised):

~ dollar bill – wealth
~ skein of yarn – long life
~ hair brush – good looks
~ calculator – business
~ ruler – engineer
~ laptop – technology career
~ Russ’s (Christian’s dad) Navy colors and wings – military
~ Christian’s mandolin – talent for music
~ paintbrushes – artist
~ a toy dog – veterinarian
~ toothbrush – dentist
~ thesaurus – scholar or lawyer
~ measuring cup – chef
~ football – athlete
~ toy stethoscope – doctor

Noah chose Russ’s military colors first, then the toothbrush, and then the calculator. So maybe he will be a dentist for the military and then open his own private practice?! The last thing he picked was the mandolin, so maybe he will also be in a band like his dad. Before this weekend I had been telling people that he is going to work for NASA when he retires from the NFL. I guess it’s possible that I have been wrong.

I got a cake for all of our guests and then I got a small individual cake for Noah. We were prepared to do the whole thing where you let the baby smash the cake all over the place. I undressed him down to his onesie and put the cake in front of him, expecting him to go at it, but he just wasn’t that interested. Christian fed him a few bites and he just sort of made funny faces. Because of all of his food allergies, we have not been very adventurous with him before now (nothing with complex ingredients or milk). I promised him that he will eventually love cake, but he didn’t look like he believed me.


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