We finally got our referral for our baby girl in Vietnam yesterday! I’m not going to post any pictures or specifics until we are actually in Vietnam, but I can tell you she’s beautiful and that she was born in November outside of Hanoi. She’s all bundled up in the photo we have of her – it’s “winter” in Vietnam right now (65 degrees). You can’t see it, but we’re told that she has a full head of hair! She looks even more beautiful each time I see her picture. At one month old, she was 8 lbs, 8 oz, and 22 inches long. That’s just a little bit bigger than Noah was when he was born. We think we will name her Zoe.

I can’t believe we are going to have two babies only ten months apart – two babies in diapers, two babies on bottles, two babies in cribs… We are going to have our hands full for a while, but we think it will be nice for them when they are a little older to be so close in age. In the meantime, I told a few of our friends who are neighbors that if they see me walking down our street in a bath robe talking to myself, they might want to call someone.

Of course we would like to travel as soon as possible, but Tet is February 18th, so our agency is going to try to push our trip until the last week in February/ first week in March. Tet is a major national holiday in Vietnam. We’ve been told that it’s like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Easter all rolled into one. Also, it is when everyone celebrates their birthdays. A baby’s first birthday is celebrated on the actual first anniversary of the date of her birth, but every subsequent birthday is celebrated at Tet. Everyone turns a year older together! Anyway, offices usually close around Tet, so our agency is concerned about delays.

We think we will take Noah, too, although my mom is not planning to go anymore. We have really struggled with this decision, but after consulting other adoptive parents, an international infectious disease doctor, a neuropsychiatrist, and our pediatrician, we think this is what is best for our family. We know there are potential health risks, but we can take precautions. We also know that the travel will be tough. Still, we don’t think those things outweigh the very positive things for Noah, for the new baby, and for our family in taking him with us. Though neither one of them will remember, we will have photos and will be able to talk about how Noah went with us to meet his sister. We will be able to talk about our time there as a family. Also, since Christian and I both work full-time, we don’t normally get to spend three solid weeks with Noah, so we feel like this is a wonderful opportunity.

I am so excited to be a mom again. It’s kind of funny that I have become exactly what I never thought I would. I could never have imagined my life being like this when I was a free-spirited, partying sorority girl in college, but still I know this is really what I’ve always wanted. I live in the suburbs with my wonderful husband, baby (with another on the way!), and two dogs. I drive a station wagon and I’m on the homeowners’ association. I’m such a dork, and I love it! I wouldn’t have it any other way.


One thought on “Referral!

  1. Hi Tracy,

    Just wanted to say how beautiful your little boy is. He is just a little cutie pie. Can’t wait to meet you all in Hanoi.


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