Your dad was cool once…

I said in my first post that I started this blog as an online journal and that I might print it out someday for my kids to see. So, I wanted to let our kids (our son and future daughter) that their dad was cool once.

Your dad was a rock star. He was in a band called 83 feet. The feet played venues like Birdy’s, The Melody Inn, Locals Only, and the Patio, and even played at The Vogue when they made it to the final round of Benchmark Records’ Battle of the Bands. There were articles about them in the local entertainment papers all of the time, and Wayne Bertsch did a comic strip about how great they were in Nuvo. Dad played lead guitar and sang a few songs. Josh was the lead singer and played guitar. Eicher played bass, Joe played drums, and Darby played the trombone.

I had a onesie made for Noah with the 83 feet logo on it that said, “My dad rocks!” and I have saved it for our baby girl. Noah also had a bib that said, “My dad rocks,” and a t-shirt that said, “Future rock star.”

Sadly, dad finally had to hang up his guitar. He was working full time and going to school full time, all while working a side job building speaker boxes and trying to do some consulting on a website. He is also a great husband and great dad, so he has been very involved at home. With an active 10-month-old son and a baby girl hopefully coming home soon, it just got to be too much. He was disappointed, but it was a sacrifice he made to be able to spend more time with his family.

Hopefully we will all get to see him jumping around on a stage again sometime.


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