Noah’s baptism

When Noah was three months old, we had him baptized.

I work for a congregation of Catholic sisters who care for the elderly poor. I am the development director. I have come to know the sisters and the home’s priest, Father Adrian, fairly well. So, we decided to have Noah baptized at the home.

Our friend Charlie is Noah’s Godfather, and my cousin Shannon is his Godmother.

Father Adrian is fairly traditional, so he wanted Noah to be in a long baptismal gown, instead of in a little suit or tux. He also does his baptisms with full water immersion (other than the head) instead of just drops of water on the forehead.

So, we did the whole ceremony in the home’s chapel. We had Noah wrapped in a towel before we gave him to Father Adrian for the immersion. Then we had to put his gown on him while standing at the front of the chapel, right in the middle of the ceremony. It was not an easy thing to do, and there certainly was no time to get a diaper back on him.

Well, if you dip a little boy in warm water, he is probably going to pee. And that’s exactly what happened. I was standing there at the front of the chapel holding him while Father Adrian performed the rest of the ceremony. I had my hand under his butt, holding him in an upright sitting position. All of the sudden my hand was wet! I was wearing a silk dress, so I started trying to hold him away from me. I thought maybe the gown would absorb it and we could move on, BUT HE JUST KEPT GOING!

A little puddle of pee started collecting on the ground. Finally one of the Sisters noticed and handed me a towel. She threw another one on the pee puddle and wiped it up with her foot. Father Adrian never even blinked an eye, and I don’t think most of the other people there would have noticed except for the fact that I could not stop giggling.


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