How we met

Christian hates it when I tell this story.

In 2000, I had a condo and Christian’s friend Matt bought the condo four doors down. Christian moved in as his roommate. I was the president of the homeowners’ association, so I pretty much knew everyone who lived there. Plus, I saw that it was two guys about my age who had moved in, so I thought I would go introduce myself.

I saw Matt outside one Friday afternoon and went over to say hello. He told me they were having people over later and that I should stop by. Later that night, I ordered a pizza and thought I would take it over to share with my new neighbors.

I took the pizza over and knocked on the door. Christian opened the door, looked at me, and said, “Sorry. We didn’t order any pizza,” and tried to shut the door in my face. I used to say he shut the door in my face when I was telling the story, but he corrected me saying that he never actualy got the door shut. So, he was “shutting the door in my face” when I explained that I was his neighbor and he finally invited me in.

I had a boyfriend at the time (it wasn’t very serious), but I thought Christian was cute. I eventually broke up with the other guy, and Christian finally responded to my flirting (he says that he had no idea I was interested or he would have responded much sooner). By the time we started dating, however, Christian had accepted a job in Cincinnati and was planning to move a month later. I thought we would just hang out for a month and that would be the end of it, but that’s not quite how it happened. He lived in Cincinnati for 50 weeks, and we saw each other 48 of those 50 weekends.

When he moved back to Indiana, he moved in with me. By then our friend Suzanne moved in as Matt’s roommate, and we also became friends with another neighbor named Erica. It was like having our own little Melrose Place (a 90s TV show for anyone who doesn’t get the reference). We had a lot of fun playing tricks on Matt. His house was the “party house” and he always left the front door unlocked for friends. We would sneak into his house when he was gone or while he was sleeping and rearrange his furniture or steal the sailboat out of his bay window and put it in ours (sometimes it was days before he noticed). It was harder for him to get us back since we were vigilant about locking our door, but he finally got us one Christmas. We came home from visiting Christian’s family in Cincinnati on Christmas morning and Matt and Suzanne had piled 6 feet of snow in front of our door. Then they decorated it with wine bottles, beer cans, a trash can, etc. My parents lived a few blocks away and they had to bring us a shovel so we could dig our way into our condo. It was kind of sad when we bought our house and moved “all the way” in the suburbs.

This is Christian and me in 2001. Wow do we look young!


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